Saturday, 14 December 2013

In the process of creation

Components for my new commission
I'm engaged on a new project this weekend - with step-by-step instructions for creating a nostalgic paper and fabric 'keepsake' using old photos and napkins. Can't say more at this stage; but it is just bliss to be making again - and in the kitchen that RQ has been refurbishing all year - so light and airy and perfect for photography. I'll post more snippets from time to time as the magazine that has engaged me to do this cannot possible use them all.


  1. I know how exciting and rewarding it is to begin a new creative project. looks wonderful, enjoy!
    Michala x

  2. I like the concept of mixed mediums--lots of room for individuality.

  3. Will you share what you created? I'm anxious to see. :) Take care.

    1. Michal, here's a link to the front cover which I posted on Facebook: - I am not at liberty to divulge more until the commissioned magazine feature is published but will share more once that happens (March issue of Reloved magazine)