Saturday, 5 January 2013

Quilted Garden Notebook Pages

Posted in my last entry, but included again so you will not needed to swap between posts;
double-click on the image to read it at a larger size.
In my last post I talked about new directions I am taking in 2013, and included the image of my sketchbook thinking for my new 'Quilt Garden' fabric and paper book. Since then, in between trying to recover from ongoing fragility and keeping up with my magazine commissions, I have been progressing this, and developing the ideas. The 'word whisper' are all typed though their will be more as the month moves forward, but everything for the first 'spread' is ready to posit and stitch.

Meanwhile, I have written-up and illustrated in my accompanying 'Creative Projects & Processes' notebook, which details what I have actually done rather than what I plan to do. 

Between the sketchbook and notebook, it will be a record of the project. Again, click on the images to read each page at a larger size. 

And I apologise for the quality of the pics; they were photographed propped on the bed rather than scanned; for I produced the pages whilst sick in bed. Otherwise, if I keep up this up for a day and then back-to-bed sequence, I won't achieve anything.

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