Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weariness of spirit leads to madness

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I have pages within my various illustrated journals and sketchbooks in need of attention; many tiny images to colour, but am weary; if I try to paint now, disaster would result. A really nasty cold has me sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket trying (supposedly to work). Been like this for two days; my dear husband tells me to stay in bed, but if I sleep during the day, I will be awake all night. So instead, I attempt to play; the pen slides onto pieces of scrap paper and the fingers itch to tap the keyboard; nothing too onerous - no long stories or reports requiring research. I play, surrounded by books which fall on the floor; I dream of simper things, and this is what emerges: Dilemmas & Delights. Just an escape from the rigours of every day, whilst still sharing what is in my head and heart. It will expand for is a speedy thing.


  1. always enjoy reading what you are up to.....get well soon!