Thursday, 4 October 2012

Moving forwards ...

The latest pages from my 'illustrated morning pages'
(double-click on the image so you can read the text)
Taking a few days to recuperate from non-stop writing and editing; working on creative projects - moving forwards. This morning I am putting together an Activity Box - items for a sketchbook trail that will become 'something' made from fabric, photos, sketches, paper and stitch. Not sure what yet ... this is the moving forwards part; such bliss.


  1. Lovely pages...the activity box sounds like a creative adventure in itself. :)

  2. The illustrated morning pages are beautiful, Ann. I really like the loose style of the drawings, the colouring in and the handwriting that matches it so well.

  3. Good to hear you planning for next year's garden. And glad things seem to have taken a bit of an upturn.