Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A glass of red wine

Wineglass of red wine
with watch at side (to remind
me that work is pending)
Lest you should think I have abandoned Creative Morning Pages and my page-a-day, I haven't. I've been covering a different as-I-wake topic each day, have been sketching in odd moments, taking photos and moving forward with one project and another, and a leap into something else as well. But overall, this takes a back seat at the moment; I just have not been able to make the time to scan the 'cmp' nor assemble and manipulate the accompanying photos. Still working flat out and taking far more time than I would usually do over breakfast, coffee, lunch and tea so that R. rests himself. Very necessary, but frustrating as I like to work in 3 hr uninterrupted stretches, So this last weeks 'cmp' will be scanned and will appear. Eventually.

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  1. Whenever you find the time is fine by me, Ann! I enjoy your CMPs!