Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Creative Process

Sketching in Ireland, July 2012
With so many changes occurring in my life right now - inevitable as one grows older - I find I am less able to cope with all that is required of me. Or perhaps, to be more truthful, all the self-set goals I feel behoven to achieve. I do not do less; my workload increases exponentially and I create lists of lists of lists (ever the diarist!) until I drop. And as clarity emerges, and I become aware of what is needed - husband, house, garden, family, work, voluntary activities - I realise just how important to me is my creativity. And so, seven days ago, I embarked of my own volition upon a new daily journal: 'Artist Morning Pages' - actually, it would have been better had I titled it 'Creative Morning Pages' and maybe the title will change as I progress. But not the purpose - to set down each morning as I wake  creative thoughts that spill onto the page. I know they will, for it was just such a daily exercise that 12 years ago actually jump-started my professional personal writing career (after my husband and I retired and abandoned our publishing business begun in 1967). They are not intimate pages, but the thought processes that are continually running through my mind. Chaotic at times, as is my crazy life. So here for what they are worth are the pages from WEEK ONE. No explantations; it's all on the page.

And so you have my first week of journaling about my creative process - in one book and not on scraps of paper or penned higgledy-piggledy in other notebooks. Click on any image to view it at larger size. APOLOGIES to those kind friends and acquaintances who read more than one of my blogs or follow me on Facebook (my personal timeline and groups). I write and post across so many genres and media that I am certain at times to duplicate an image you have seen elsewhere. Put it down to bad organisation and a failing memory. It's happened already in this new 'amp' - two days running, my first creative thoughts on waking were on the same topic. re-enforcing what was in my mind, though I wasn't aware of this when I wrote. (And one of the things about unselfconscious morning pages is that you do not look back at what you have written; at least for a while. Well I did! But then I was always the wild rule-breaker if it served my purpose and it did not hurt others). I hope you enjoy this adventure into my creative process and that it just might encourage others to document their own journey. Just fifteen  minutes on waking is all it takes. Truly.


  1. Ann... thank you for sharing this part of yourself... honest and true are the words you speak, as we all feel the tug of age on the constant and ever increasing list of to-dos... but remembering what is important to each of us and our well-being is the key at any age.

    It has been a long time since I wrote morning pages... long ago when I first read The Creative Way. It makes me want to pull the book down from the shelf and immerse myself once again in those words of wisdom.

  2. Tracie .. how kind of you to leave a comment - and I am so pleased this brought back memories. I 'did' The Artist's way' in around 2000 (I think) but subsequent to that, in 2008, I worked my way through 'Finding Water', also by Julia Cameron. Took me six months of daily attention but so relevant to a writer and artist. I think you would love it. That was another leap forward for me.

    What I am embarking upon now is so very different, however, for I am creating my own prompts, have to self-motivate myself; but even after a week in which all sort of other factors have impinged on my life, a pattern is emerging. We shall see! Of course none of this is actually MAKING art. (And I still write the unpublishable morning pages which I find quite cathartic, in a totally different sort of way.) Must go an make tea for my poorly husband. xx

  3. Your post makes me want to take up writing my Morning Pages again. I've worked my way through The Artist's Way three times over the past ten years and I thoroughly enjoyed the process each time. I have a few of Julia's books but I've only read/worked through The Artist's Way. I wouldn't mind working through Finding Water this time around. Thank you so much for sharing your creative pages...very inspiring.

  4. How truly inspiring! I especially caught the philosophyof noting daily "three beautiful things". Your paintings and sketches are stunning. My favourite in the journal is the green study of flowers in a vase on a small table. So simple yet so evocative. And all this whilst working for people and tending to your husband. Has certainly caused me to put all my petty ruminations and grumpiness into perspective. I love getting lost in the many areas of your blogpage!