Monday, 27 August 2012

In times of stress

It has been a fraught week - too much to do (deadlines and computer glitches which became worse rather than better), husband still not really recovered and I don't think he ever will be. In times of stress, writing and creating art in many forms always calms me. And so tomorrow (Tuesday 28th August, 2012), I move into the third week of my creative diary. Which began fourteen days ago as 'Artist's Morning Pages' - all shown in last week's post on this blog - and became 'Creative Morning Pages' a week ago, because that better describes what they are. I have hardly had time to truly create, just a little sketching. For somehow when a big project is ongoing (editing 'Discover Touring' magazine at the moment, as well as writing articles) my mind becomes numb and I dare not involve myself in big stitching projects. So my waking creative thoughts each morning are set on the page, and for the moment that is all I can manage. I hope they may spur others to keep such a journal - morning, daytime or night, it doesn't matter; it's a record of achievement and failure, and, for me for the moment, of fragility. Click on any page to see it at a readable size.

Do you keep a creative journal (as opposed to a working sketchbook)? I'd love to know. This one engages my waking thoughts, before I fall into the business of the day; it sustains me. And for those who haven't already seen the 'Poppy Page' elsewhere, as mentioned on page 13 above, here it is - lest you should think that all I do is write!

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  1. Yes, I not only work in a daily (or at least 4-5 times a week) visual art journal, but I keep a creative journal where I jot down ideas, plans and keep track of exhibits, shows, etc. They both go with me everywhere so I can always get it down on paper - the memory not being what it once was. I love that you're doing these creative pages - I think it's a very important practice in light of recent occurrences. I hope things will look brighter.
    Erin in Morro Bay