Friday, 27 July 2012

New ways of journaling

Photo frames have many uses ...
We are on the ferry returning from Ireland (Rosslare to Fishguard) where we have been travelling for the last ten days. It seems a world away from Warwickshire Open Studios and  my excitement at greeting so many visitors into my caravan studio. Days in which I have hardly had time to think of the mixed-media journal I was to create whilst away - but that's work for you; it takes over, though I have notes (pages of them) and sketches a-plenty. When I have had time to think creatively, it has been of new directions - decisions on what I want to do; new style journals using techniques and materials that are as yet unknown to me.; and completing all those projects-in-progress. I haven't yet set down my plan, but just before we went away, I bought these two little photo frames (can't recall where, which is a nuisance, because I may want more!) Wood, with space for a back and front cover image of some sort, on fabric most likely, and inside - individual pages or concertina book - I am not sure, but the subject will again be TREES (wood is turned into paper, and the frame is wood, so what better subject could there be to fill this book-with-a-difference? The plaster hearts will grace some other project. More details will follow at some later date, when I drag myself back from the magic of Ireland, and when I have better WiFi access than 'internet@sea' - very slow.


  1. What a wonderful idea Ann using these in a journal and I can just visualize how wonderful they would look.
    Hope you are enjoying that special trip to Ireland - lucky girl!