Monday, 21 May 2012

Through the windscreen ...

Through a none-too-clean windscreen
With so many days now being spent on our travels, I am embarking on a new 'art' project: taking photographs whilst on a journey THROUGH THE WINDSCREEN. Not when at the wheel! Husband drives, I take shaky photos and write word whispers to accompany a particular scenario. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but it's a challenge - for whilst writing, I miss some of the scenery. Now: capture a photo or two, some of which which will make their way into the travel journal, and I can then put pen to paper after I have checked the atmospheric shot I was seeking. (I have the facility on my digital camera for instant 'playback' and for enlarging any section through the 'screen'). 

Leafy Oxfordshire ...and leaves on the dashboard have sat there since last Autumn
ready to be resuscitated for embellishing my journals (I have a method for doing so)
Sweet papers are today's detritus whilst in need of speedy sustenance!
So this today, on the way back from Pangbourne, taken / written in the rush hour on the Oxford bypass:

"The oxeye daisies are in bloom,
and meadow buttercups,
in Oxford lanes;
May blossom in the hedgerows,
campion, vetch, and ribwort plantain.
And in the water-meadows
rushy sedge and golden kingcups,
demure amethystine ladies smock
and the green, green willow."

 October 2011: crossing the
Severn Bridge
taken from our newly
acquired motorhome
and in the rain
This facility, trialled over the last few months, will add a whole new dimension to my travel journals. Ideal for my narrative on the long drive to Dover and the even longer stint across France, Belgium and Luxembourg to Germany on a working assignment, and thereafter a few weeks later, to Ireland. Only problem is that for a part of these journeys, I will be driving! Can't take pics, can't write, can't read the map, eyes on the road ..... 

But I will be one snap-happy lady when I'm the passenger, even though I must map-read for my driver. And I have simplified my techniques for on-the-road travel journals, partly because time is always at a premium, and partly to reclaim the space taken up by too many art materials for other essential items. More to follow (page trials next post).

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  1. What a great new idea for travel journal. When you are driving, maybe you could mount your camera....don't ask me how and use a remote in your hand to get shots....assuming you have a remote.