Monday, 7 May 2012

One and one makes three ...

Last week has been one of continual experimentation! New laptop, new operating system, new software - and all to make work easier when we are travelling. A steep learning curve. And then, I decided that with all this new technology, I would slightly re-vamp this blog (and others in my portfolio) and add 'pages' - sections that contain material extra to the main flow of any post. You can find these by clicking on any of the topics in the top bar, below the 'Journaling the Journal' heading. Each is self-explanatory (I hope), and content will follow; rudimentary for the moment, as I wanted these new sections to be set up before we depart for the 'Malvern Spring Flower Show'  from whence I always blog live (WiFi permitting). Double-click the image if you would like to read the page at full size.

Before any visit to Malvern (a venue we love and to which we return at least three times a year), I start a new creative project. Part-planned before leaving, it usually involves some prepping of pages (or maps) before we leave. And because I am never sure how things will pan out, I all but take the proverbial kitchen sink in the way of equipment and materials. Circumstances now mean I must eliminate boxes and baskets 'just in case'. I've slimmed down but, until I had played with the techniques I want to use, could not decide what I simply COULD NOT DO WITHOUT - and these were predicated on travelling with less. Without my intermittent creative play, truly I would lose my sanity; it is my release, and my way of switching off. So this morning, out with some simple materials, and a little play-time. Colours are necessarily pale to suit this washed out Spring; extra layers need adding. Image shows this experimental page - no proper layout, just repetitive sampling to see what technique works best. Double-click the image to view it at larger size.

An explanation will follow in 'Experimental Work' in the new section; and this I plan to do along with my other blogs when we are actually at the showground, and in the motorhome. Main posts, too of course; the aim is that the main 'JJ' content and the extra topics will weave together in such a way that 'one and one' really will make three. (And from now onwards, wherever you see this 'cartouche' in my main posts, you will know that some content has been added to the material in the top bar; I will tell you in which section. Hope all that makes sense!)


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    1. Hello, and thanks for your comment. Wood countertops? My memory fails me - did I mention these? Do enlighten me.