Saturday, 12 May 2012

Layout page

Oops - taken in less than perfect circumstances (double click to see it more clearly)
Terrible photo, I know - it was taken in the motorhome after dark and nowhere to prop it up other than on the bed. But - if you can see it at all - it is the layout for the first two pages of my concertina Malvern Journal. My experimental technique page was posted a few days ago, and this is my long-established method of producing a layout which I used for so many years as a magazine publisher. It will make the actual production so much quicker, though will still be somewhat experimental as I will be feeling my way. And, believe it or not, I have hit upon a development of what I will be doing here for our forthcoming press trip to Germany. For on these working visits, there is far too little time for creating, though the thought of going without my travel artbox would leave me totally bereft. I just have to have something 'artful' with me.

I cannot post more images tonight , but what I have been able to do is to set down in my notebook the procedures I use when creating a project like this. To end tonight (22.20hrs GMT), I can only apologise for the photo quality; maybe if you click on it, it will be a little clearer. It ends my fours days at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show; a different working experience for me after visiting this Show for the last six years as I branch it onto new publishing genres.

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