Thursday, 10 May 2012

Collecting images ...

In the rain - and through the windscreen
Two days at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show has not left me any time to progress my 'altered pages' - I have had to contend with rain, rain, rain, mud and WiFi problems which delayed the work-process (for which we are actually here!) But that achieved for the opening Press Day, and the sun now shining (19.21hrs British Summer Time), the pages-to-be are falling into place in my mind, if not in actuality. And as yet, I have only covered but a part of this beautiful showground. So much more to see and capture. The rain has cleared and the hills are thrown into sharp relief, as if they had been cut from the sky with a scalpel (unlike the image above, which was taken on the move from the motorhome cab, in the rain, on our way here).

It's been almost too wet and dull to take my usual photos of scenes and objects that will inspire my pages and map trails, but the two posted here will become a part of my library of useful images. Above (left) a blue poppy - which I could never grow for our solid and climate is all wrong, but I can see it as a sketch / painting within the Malvern pages, in miniature (my preferred 'modus operandi' - after a glass of wine!) The words, not the mini sketches. I'm will be trying a new technique for transferring onto the page; but that must follow once attempted.
And so I snapped other images - something I do everywhere I go. Not specific scenes or objects, but pattern and texture - cropped out of the background, they can be printed or transferred onto paper or fabric as page backgrounds, or digitally manipulated with word-whispers superimposed. Can you visualise how the reed-screen and bug-hotel (photographed yesterday in a school garden display) could be used? Abstract images can trigger words, the thought-process is a fascinating one. And so, even though circumstances change and the pen on the altered page has not snail-trailed its way out of the art-bag, I have something to take back with me; something to use in current and future projects.

What is such fun, is that you never know what will suddenly take your fancy, hidden just around a corner.

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