Monday, 9 April 2012

Getting back to normal

Back in my workroom again
I've been without proper access to my workroom and without electrics since before Christmas - but am now restored to a sort of normality. Electric fault cured which had nothing to do with the fact we were installing new washing machines. But, in order to position them, whilst the electrics were being sorted, I had previously had to remove many boxes of fabric, supplies and equipment so that my husband could gain access - and then he was ill, poor man. In a way (apart from his illness) it was a blessing in disguise, for as I was restoring all these properties to the room that was once a cellar, I decided to discard what was no longer needed; for what I now create is very different to what I did ten or more years ago when I took over this space.

Fused images and words, with some stitching completed (double-click to enlarge)
Of course, despite a logical new storage plan put into action over the last two days, I cannot now find anything! I've mislaid the 'Bird' piece I was working on at a workshop last weekend, so instead decided to start stitching the 'Winter Trees' concertina paper and fabric booklet about which I posted two months ago. Bliss to be at the sewing machine again - I began edging the fused photos onto the background pages. I had previously found in my stitching trials that the machine does not like feeding paper, which slips, so I have fused the pages to cheesecloth, and that works perfectly. I stitch close to the photo edge using a stitch length of 2.5 and then overstitch the same line, reducing the length to 2.0. This gives a nice firm line, almost as if I had framed the photo.

The last two pages, partially completed (double-click to enlarge)
Here, you can see two of the pages in close up. A similar technique will be used for the words, but in cream thread so they do not dominate, and then I will stitch around the actual pages (about 1cm, 3/8th inch from the edge). Calico will be used for the other side (with a title stitched to the 'cover'), and the whole calico strip will be fused to the picture strip and zig-zagged around the edge. I will post more as I make time to complete this. Right now, I need to undertake more sorting, for I have much to complete and create before Warwickshire Open Studios - even though it will be my studio caravan that is open and not my cluttered spaces within the house.


  1. Sometimes you can over do the tidieness. I once sorted my study and couldn't find anything for months!

  2. I'm very interested in how you get your words onto paper - do you just print them and glue them on? Or do you print onto fabric? Can't wait to see what you do next with the concertina book.

  3. Hi Ann,
    This looks so interesting, combining the text with your Winter Trees.
    I'm also participating in Warwickshire Open Studios in Kenilworth.