Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And now another thing ...

past, present
and future
Last night, some of the participant exhibitors from the Art Exhibition (mentioned in my last post) met to discuss how we felt about its success or otherwise, the outcome, and a move towards the future. It was mostly positive, but in any  local community, there will always be a range of opinions, which do not matter too much if one can progress. A certain amount of treading on toes! The good news was that the suggestion for a village arts group was mooted, with the immediate goal being to participate in Warwickshire Open Studio Week 2012 next July. The creative souls amongst us can focus on what we each individually love doing. 

Well as far as I was concerned, participating in the Exhibition has focussed my mind, both personally and professionally. I posted about my 5ft x 5ft 'Castle Turret in a Church' on my 'Wild Somerset Child' blog so will not replicate what I said. And after living in this beautiful part of the 'forgotten triangle' for over 40 years - now very much discovered - it would mean so much to me to discover the kindred spirits within our rural community. Double click on this or any image in this post to view at enlarged size, and be able to read the details.

past work: word-whispers, image transfers, hand-made textile journal 

I have not yet come to the point: journalling in my various genres has brought me to the day where I suddenly realise that all my experimentation over so many years can move in any direction I want. Oh! My recent months of 'Map Trails' - and years of patchwork, sketches and scribblings, embroidered samplers, theatrical costumes, word-whispers, leaves, flowers and stones - can branch in any direction; and, so long as I record what I do, can be replicated. 'Illustrated Journals' are well under way. North, South, East or West; any compass point can take me wherever I want to go. A personal geography; a trail seventy-plus years in the making.

Beguiling: one of those 'must have' moments; money changed hands
So a leap forward, wanting to move on but not ever losing what is past, present, future or maybe. I walk into Whichford Pottery to buy warm alpaca socks (really) in their Octagon Gallery, and light upon a hand-made journal; beautiful, tactile, the cover using techniques I want to explore and adapt. For what it is, not expensive, but beyond my normal budget. And then I remember the proceeds from my exhibition sales of the week before, and am beguiled, and it is mine; and already a part of my creative life, my 'moving on' whilst encompassing the past. And that is another thing ....

Map Trails in progress (this a part of  'Malvern') are already moving into phase two
and three, with determinations on long trails - Somerset to Wales to Shropshire
to Hereford and back to Somerset; and in 2012 to France and Germany.