Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mixed Media Journaling

It's a while since I posted any of my journaling. None of the pages in my sketchbooks or journals were quite finished. I would paint or paste and leave the book open to dry, and then work would intrude and I would necessarily move in to something else. The two pages here were begun on a summer get-away when I had the time to indulge myself in word whispers and mixed media - in the caravan.

We spent a morning at Richard's Castle just outside Ludlow. Not the modern village but the fortified Norman castle and adjacent (much later) abandoned church and graveyard. The castle ruins spooked me, which is unusual as I am captivated by the medieval period of history, but the stony and steep path up to the churchyard inspired the herbal word-whispers shown on the two pages. I used napkins as the basis of the pages, adding the words after the acrylic wax I use as an adhesive had dried, and then only a few days ago, added the watercolour sketches and a watercolour wash over the words - which has to a certain extent obscured the writing. Best to double-click the images if you feel like to reading them.