Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My new creative journal

Quick watercolour and ink sketch created on impulse whilst sitting in the garden yesterday evening.  DOUBLE-CLICK ON ANY OF THE PICS IN THIS POST TO ENLARGE THEM TO A READABLE SIZE.

In an attempt to be more organised, I have begun a new creative journal. Not only will it have the occasional page filled with sketches, in essence it will be a repository for notes on what I am currently working on. These are usually scattered around the house on bits of paper or written down as an idea strikes in whatever notebook is to hand. And then I forget where the notes are which is most frustrating. So as from now, they should all be together. I've explained to myself the purpose of the book - and share the pages below, in the hope it might encourage someone else to do likewise. It will really be a record of my creative journey.

Double-click on the image so you can read it

Instead of scanning the pages, I have photographed them - it would have been better had I laid the book on the floor and attached the camera to my tripod, and then each page would be squared up. These were all hand-held; it doesn't pay to cut corners!

My second introductory page as to what the book is all about

I got carried away on this first session (sitting in the garden on Sunday evening, warm and quiet) and went on to my current long-term project, 'Quilt Journey'. These are a series of 12"x12" textile pages, actually pairs of mini-quilts where the surface comprises paper and fabric, hand- and machine-stitching, photographed collages and word-whispers.

This explains the beginning of my 'Quilt Journey' project but went off 
at a tangent, talking about my 'Map Trails'

To get to the point, I have already posted 'pages in progress' - see the workshop I attended on 'Ancestors' and the pages I started there, which I wrote about on 28th July.

Perhaps by now you are totally confused! For I was writing this 
for myself and not as an instructional piece.

Progress is such that all my 'Ancestor' components have been handstitched and are ready for mounting on the background. Notes on how I will do that are in my 'daybook' - the one I take with me when I am out for the day; that one has tear-out pages so I can paste the section into here.

The second of my pair of ancestor pages - layout, with notes on how I intend to proceed, 
and the mock-up of a mini-book that will form part of the page.
When treated and fused, this layout paper
becomes so flexible, you would liken it to fabric

And alongside - which I have showed already, but larger here, is one of the finished elements, printed on layout paper, scrunched to age it, fused to the fabric, handstitched with silk thread and the edges frayed, ready for mounting on the background - after the addition of a narrow fabric 'frame' in dark brown and white gingham - the colour of my school dresses in 1942-1947.

Meanwhile, I am working on a technique for page backgrounds - tissue paper and paint onto which I will collage images and incorporate them into other 'Quilt Journey' pages. These processes are for me at the moment a godsend, keeping me calm and sane through a stressful period when most of the time I am feeling extremely unwell. Thank heavens for the therapeutic act of creating, even if the results do not turn out as wanted or expected. 


  1. I keep a journal like this, in addition to my daily journal, where I jot down ideas and projects. I always have it to hand when I'm a docent at our local art gallery - it fills the time nicely between groups of visitors.

  2. I am endeavoring to keep a "creativity journal" too, as a means of tracking ideas and quotes or the odd thought that comes my way. The trick for me is to have the book where I am, whether in the car, or at the kitchen sink, or folding clothes, etc. I also am keeping a "Meandering Journal" on my computer for those more organized writing times. How do you keep your book at the ready?

  3. Hollace, I should have replied to this before now. Books at the ready? They are kept in two hessian shopping bags. Always to hand are scraps of paper and pens. I jot down whatever comes to mind and then copy or paste into the relevant journal / project book. It doesn't always work; too hectic around here at present.

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