Sunday, 12 June 2011

More journaling finds

my latest finds - to add to my stash of journaling materials

I'm a sucker for charity shops, and have a favourite in our nearest local town. Almost every visit (about twice a month) reveals new treats: artefacts that I can turn into something else; curtains or books or bracelets or clothes. Such low prices - far cheaper than buying new what will in fact be ripped apart - and of course helping whatever charity the shop represents. I've unloaded precious stuff there, too, glassware and crockery that we no longer need (so I feel I am helping both ways, though that isn't the reason for a visit)! Do I really need more journaling materials? Well, assuredly not, but I can't resist something that 'speaks' to me of  "this would be brilliant for ..."  - and so my collected textiles and papers and curious odds and ends fill the house and I never find enough time to use everything. But one day?

My latest finds were 1. an old linen tablecloth - to cut up for lining my folding map journals (a long strip is machine-stitched with something representative of the journal subject; so the Malvern diary shown in the last post will have a thread sketch of the hills on the back). 2. an old dictionary, very faded and in an old typeface; useful for collage or journal backgrounds - I'm creating my own themed papers again, made from collages using maps, photos and text pages. Maybe I should post about the technique I use, as once made, the 12"x12" papers can be photographed and printed any number of times, or portions manipulated and even reversed.

abstract art - maybe even useful for print-making

Find no 3. was a curiosity: a metal pot-stand shaped like a daisy! It's the time of year when the lanes are a mass of ox-eyes, and I love them so, not only for their pristine whiteness, but because so far, they are the only flower I can machine-stitch freehand without drawing them onto the fabric first! This particular shape seemed so perfect; I could draw around it, reduce or enlarge it, collage, stitch, stamp or whatever; and it was only 50p.

this is so pretty - I don't know if I can bear to cut it up
Find no 4. also 'spoke' to me: such a pretty blouse; thin see-through fabric trimmed with lace and floaty bits. Clothes are another source of wonderful fabric that I could never afford new - the cloth or the clothes; and sometimes I am tempted to wear my finds. But it would be mutton dressed up as lamb; so the blouse, or skirt or trousers sit in the closet awaiting the scissors and the time to take it to pieces. Always it is the fabric that catches my eye, regardless of the item of clothing. Charity shop hunts lift my spirits; rarely do I come away without a little something, and I never know what will catch my fancy, or what my finds will inspire.

Next weekend we are back at Malvern (the Three Counties Show). Food and Farming ... what treasures might I find that will inspire more creative endeavours?


  1. I love going "thrifting" as we call it here. I always find something that will come in handy someday. And if I'm lucky I'll remember where I stored it when I finally need it!
    Erin in Morro Bay

  2. That's a perpetual problem: I never remember!

  3. The blouse is beautiful. I'd love to see you wearing it.

  4. My daughter [who has recently moved with her family a mile down the road] has a passion for lawn sales and charity shops. She spent the day yesterday with old picture frames and other finds and some spray paints, creating "accessories" for her new home. Here I'm needing to down-size and trying to resist the lure of treasures at the Goodwill Store.
    The garden demands so much time that there is no energy left over for sewing/crafting/writing.