Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Finished Project!

journal cover
For once, I have planned and executed a project in 48 hours. A miracle for me, as I usually spend more time planning and making notes, experimenting and recording the results, than actually DOING. The catalyst this time was our youngest grand-daughter's 7th birthday (today). She evidently wanted felt pens, scissors and glue-sticks, which I bought a week ago. And then I was shamed into MAKING her something; for her grandfather was giving her the most beautiful chest of drawers  he had made for her - hours and hours and hours of work ...

inside cover (paper-fabric as described in last post)
and removable pages
So I decided to make her a journal in which she could write and draw with the pens, and a bag to hold that and the other things. I've only just posted how I made the fabric-paper / paper-fabric lining, but the finished book and bag were completed today, wrapped and given to this bright little girl at her birthday tea this afternoon - before she and her brother and sister went off for evening swimming training.

I am not proud of my creation - not my usual standard: sewing machine played up (now sorted) and thus abysmal satin stitch (ugh - don't look), lost - and found - my Japanese screw punch, so at least the holes in the spine were perfect, but then couldn't find either of my eyelet-setting 'Cropadiles' and so had to seal the fabric with gel-medium. I will compensate at the weekend by making another journal, as a congratulatory gift for K. who is swimming the final leg of her simulated cross-channel fundraising challenge next Tuesday (see reports in my other blog). Her book will be made from flimsy 'floaty' fabric (chiffon), the cover simulating sea waves, the inner cover using that pretty charity-shop blouse I wrote about in an earlier post. The colours remind me of K's swim-suit, the double-layered one that induces drag and thus makes swimming 5.5 miles x 4 that much harder. Then K. can record all the kind and supportive messages of goodwill she has received over the last two weeks. If she can manage such a challenge, surely I can make another book over the weekend?
Bag, journaling book, scissors, felt-pens and glue-sticks -
a gift for a 7-year old birthday girl
I grieve to think how my sewing skills have left me: 15 years ago, I designed and made my daughter's wedding dress; for her two girls, all I can manage are badly-stitched journals!


  1. I like the fabric covered journal--and no, I didn't enlarge and check how the sewing machine acted up---why must they do that?
    I have made a number of wedding gowns over the years--at least one was fairly challenging--about 9 years ago I made a wedding dress for a young friend and then covered a standard photo album with the same cream satin, added lace and ribbon trims which had to be glued. It was quite nice--but tiresome as I don't do well with glue!
    I'm not as adventurous as you are in my projects--being hampered by the idea that I must turn out something good the first time rather than considering it a learning and experimenting process. I suspect that means I'm a stick-in-the-mud!

  2. Ann, I think giving your granddaughter a journal is a lovely idea. I go through so many journals, all of which, I chose carefully for beauty or originality.

  3. You are a great and loving Grandma, encouraging the grands in their life interests. What a blessing that is for them!

  4. I know what you mean. Sewing skills are someting you have to keep up or you lose them...I guess like so many things. I made my daughters wedding dresses also. Love the journal cover and I'm sure it will be loved and used many times.

  5. I think the journal is wonderful - and your granddaughter will love it too, and never notice the things you see. Very sweet!!

  6. Ann - this is a precious gift - your grand daughter is going to think this is wonderful! This is the kind of gift that lives forever - she will treasure it - and when she is older - it will be a part of her treasured memories. Wonderful --

    So nice to hear from you when you visited my blog -


  7. A treasure for your grand daughter. I really like your journal covers. I especially like imperfections that show the history of the art piece, and the hand of the artist.