Friday, 13 May 2011

Shape, Pattern Texture

a panel set within a stone wall; not sure if it represents an insect hotel - must check tomorrow
Last night (which was Wednesday, before Blogger crashed) I managed the words on page one of my Mavern trail, and the outline of the hills (again!) as seen from the caravan, but nothing more. And I knew I would not have time this evening to even get our the colours, or a pen. So whilst wandering around the Show today, taking pictures of gardens and equipment, people and plants, I photographed quirky things that I could incorporate into my journal trail; if not this one, some other; image transferred or photo manipulated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my day overflowed with colour and shape, pattern and texture; sometimes a living thing - the leaf of a herb, the softness of silk, the whorl of a path between lush plantings. Tomorrow is education day and I plan to look at how children view the world of gardening, through the many educational activities on offer at this marvellous event. I think there will be the opportunity to print botanicals using a Victorian press. Lucky children.

Created by students at Pershore College; the globe is surrounded by light and dark plants, representing the sun and the moon
This post was written before Blogger crashed - lost track of days and time now, as I work through a post a day on four blogs. They are stacking up!


  1. Great images, Ann. Fascinating wall panel. I wonder how long the globe took to create?

    I think everyone will remember the day Blogger crashed!

  2. What a treat to use a Victorian press! Lucky children indeed! Great pictures,love the grid of the first one.