Saturday, 14 May 2011

More Malvern Snippings

perfect period Tudor costumes
The Malvern Spring Gardening Show (one more day to go - Sunday) may be primarily about gardens, but I'm always on the search for Journaling inspirations. And I don't have far to look. The Tudor ladies tending the parterre in Lady Alice's Garden (or rather tending their complexions within a sheltered arbour) might have had me snipping fabric from their dresses to add to my journal pages, had I not been fascinated by the design of the garden, taken from the the contemporary 'Gardener's Labyrinth'. And none of your theatrical costumiers - the ladies made their own period costume replicas, and very fine they were, too.

Herbs of course played an important part in all Tudor gardens, and I coveted the realistic pots of herbs discovered in 'The Country Living Marquee'. Taken apart (what a despicable act to something so perfect), they could be stitched into any journal, or textile herbal. Maybe I'll have to go back there tomorrow; I feel I deserve a little treat, after all the problems with blogging over the last 48 hours!

pulled apart, I would sew these leaves into a textile herbal

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