Friday, 15 April 2011

Talk - writing with a needle

the work of textile and calligraphy artist Rosalind Wyatt (see below)

Last night, I went to a truly inspirational talk at our local Embroiders' Guild. Given by the amazing Rosalind Wyatt, we were all transfixed by her imagery and the nature of her work. She is a calligrapher, but more than that - she takes beautiful and fragile antique textiles, and onto them hand-stitches the text from old love letters, or poems, matching past with past, an act of storytelling. What is even more remarkable, is that she emulates the exact style of the hand-writing, and stitches free-hand - no tracing or mark-making on the fabric. Exquisite. My photo of one piece (taken with her permission) does not do justice to the extremely delicate work - poor hall lighting and cramped conditions.

For those who can visit the V&A museum in London on Saturday 14th May, 2011, there is a free event with Rosalind, or you can see her demonstrating her handstitching technique at Waterperry just outside Oxford in July, at 'Art in Action'.


  1. This is beautiful. Very inspiring

  2. Truly beautiful. The phrase "matching past with past" - how lovely.

  3. How wonderfully delicate and charming. It is a lovely idea to do such a thing!