Friday, 26 November 2010

Triggering Words

I cannot show you what triggered these words. for it is now too dark to take a photograph. I have not journaled, properly, for nearly a month - have been downsizing, de-cluttering, jotting down so many ideas for what is to be, whilst writing endless proposals connected with work, and suffering the lack of any heat in this old house - that's quite another story!

I jump back almost a year, and the wonderful book written by Tracie Lyn Huskamp entitled 'Nature Inspired'. I planned a seasonal fabric book, collected such fabrics, wrote poems, took photos; and then the summer came and reminiscing about glittering cold is not the same during those hot, herbal-scented days; and anyway we were on our working travels. I continued to collect antique fabrics, old lace, and lush ribbons, have them stashed away for THIS winter.

OK, I know what I want to do and have a collection of 'stuff' large enough to create at least a hundred little concertina books. Come today, in town, dawdling because I was awaiting various phone calls on my mobile about the non-defunct boiler, and - well, I called in upon my favourite Banbury fabric shop. I fall in love with a deep green tulle-like diaphanous fabric encrusted with tiny stars. The day is frosty, still, cold and it's wonderful to be striding around town thinking textile art. Back home this evening, I can see the glittery words image-transferred onto a starlit page. It's forecast to get colder, and what better time to start cutting and stitching. So sorry this is all words - (I even bought a minimum-maximum thermometer today to record the temperatures in this old, old house so full of images and memories). 

I cannot end with words alone! This photo has nothing to do with stars or fabric but is a page in progress from my new 'junk journaling' experimental book. The colours are nothing like this - the pic was taken by candlelight because the bulbs over my work desk blew and all was dark. Pages are a collage of entries from an old magazine publishing directory, ripped and stuck down every-which-way, then washed with watercolour in vandyke brown and indigo, much diluted. The picture is taken from a flyer for a local art gallery (I will acknowledge the artist when I have finished the collage). The colours perfectly match those of my watercolour wash but the card on which it is printed is far too stiff, so I have been peeling apart the layers. My pages are called 'Deconstruction' and the accompanying words, already written, will be hand-lettered. My theme is that I cannot afford to buy these works of art, but can promulgate other artists' work by adding them - acknowledged - to my book.

This is meant to be a 'journal in odd moments' book. But although I write spontaneously, I like to plan my layouts, and there's the rub ... But if you read my other blog and the post on Downsizing, you will see the cluttered desk which is now sorted and multi-tasking; work when I must, and play when I cannot bear to be without some other form of creativity.


  1. The title of this post sent me on a tangent of thinking that I need a repository for the random thoughts and inspirations which strike me and then are sometimes "lost" before I can hone them into an essay.
    I've been given some pretty notebooks over the years as friends know that I like to write. For whatever reason the notebooks make me self-conscious--as though a finished "piece" is expected rather than a collection of impressions.
    I beleive I could benefit from some of your creative experimentation.

  2. I love your Starshine poem, and also the attitude in your last statement: "work when I must, and play when I cannot bear to be without some other form of creativity."

    May you always have a little time to play!

  3. Love the poem! And the journal page spread too. Maybe I'll start some of my sketchbook pages this way, work one layer at a time. Thanks for your inspiration. Jane