Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Words added

trial page that is far from perfect - in every sense!

Onto one of my experimental napkin-pages from earlier in the week I have added impromptu words. Nothing special, just as they fell into my head; just to see how the white pen worked over the acrylic wax. It's apt to become less vibrant as it dries; I had to over-write the letters two or three times and under electric light and without my 'strong' specs, the positioning is somewhat hit and miss. Indeed the layout is all wrong too - too heavy at the top (but I love that sunflower), and a tiddly, paltry pumpkin at the bottom.

It was never intended to be a finished journal page - in fact all my experimental pages and trials appear at the back of my visual journal, with notes as to what I did and the results. It is important for me to see my failures, for they remind me of what not to do. I now need to add the poem-spills to the planned layout in the more presentable front of the book, but have developed overnight a stinking cold and have decided to read one o my birthday art books instead of making art. Too many failed pages would be depressing.

Instead, I will close with a photo I took yesterday of one of my favourite herbs - borage - because the flowers are such a fantastic blue. I want to experiment (that word again) with images transfers and free-form  thread-stitching. But I know that if I try that today feeling so full of cold, I will do something stupid with the machine. And anyway, I first have to add my poem-spills to the 'proper' napkin pages.

a shaken macro shot of borage (I should have used a tripod)


  1. I love the colours on your journal page, I'm going to start an autumn/winter journal (as opposed to sketchbook) lets hope I am as disciplined as you! Know what you mean about the sewing machine. First time I tried free stitching I blew the peddle!

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better!

    I just want to say, I love all your napkin work. I think it's a wonderful substrate for exploration.

    and, colors. blues! blues!

  3. I am SO thrilled that I came across your blog!!! I was going to get outside and do some fall garden work stuff but now I think I NEEEED to read your blog. So much yummy stuff to learn and enjoy!!!!