Sunday, 29 August 2010

Squeezing time

I can sneak into my laundry room to my new mini-workstation and indulge in a little 'play'

Despite a non-stop and overloaded freelance work schedule that I would never have imagined would come my way, I have discovered how to squeeze time ... nothing new there I am sure, but it has been a revelation for me, brought up to think that whilst there was 'work' to be done, one should not 'play'. And, because anything creative that I do is still considered 'play', I feel guilty. But squeezing time has become achievable because I have set up mini-workstations in my laundry room; not expensive either; just utilising my existing storage boxes which hold fabric and equipment. They can be shunted around to reach shelves and storage cupboards, or the laundry equipment, but what I have also done is to position small cork-surfaces notice boards on top and behind. I work on the horizontal board and pin ideas and notes to the vertical one (you can see the experiments about which I last posted). The cork surface is brilliant for it means I can pin down what I am working upon. Best of all, I can sneak in there whilst the potatoes are cooking, or whilst I wait for the washing cycle to end. So much easier than my workspace in the attic, though I still use the big table up there for paint slathering.

Click on this image to see it at a larger size; it shows the individual tag book pages before they are hinged together, plus my working notes

And so to what I have been working upon ('Remains') since I posted my poor initial experiments three weeks ago. No matter what I am creating, I never jump straight in, if it involves new materials or techniques. I make samples, and note what I have done, for otherwise I forget how a particular effect was obtained. The catalyst for this piece was a prompt by my dear friend Kristi (I refer to her in my notes as 'KS') - Kristin Steiner of North Carolina, who came to stay last month and showed me all manner of exciting ideas for tag books and other things. So my trials turned into a repurposed piece, everything assembled from bits and pieces that would otherwise have been discarded - hence 'remains' as the title.

The corkboard is perfect for pinning down the tag book pages: here I am attaching muslin hinges to join the pages together (kitchen weights also come in handy, too!)

I have almost finished assembling the individual 'pages', hinged with dyed muslin, and will post a photo of the finished tag book once the acrylic wax has dried and I can stand it upright. Meanwhile, when I'm not standing at my mini work-bench, I am deep into tiny fabric books and visual art-journals of one kind and another - all such a blessed release from the daily words, words, words without which I could not afford to indulge in my paper and textile madness.

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  1. Hi, I found you through a little bit of bloghopping, and via Kayla coo. I love, love, love this tag book, and your experiments. So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas x