Sunday, 4 July 2010

A blissful day

My half-finished 'Summer Days' box destined to hold a concertina fabric book

Yesterday was one of such joy - to be playing with fabrics and paper again at the most wonderful workshop organised by our local Embroiderers' Guild was absolute bliss. It was doubly special for me, because it was being tutored by Annette Emms, whose blog 'Fairy Shoes & Other Things' is so enjoyable and one I love to follow. 

I learned so much in so short a time. The class was excellent; really well structured and leading us through many, many possibilities. We were introduced to various methods of image transfer (so much more subtle than my 'cool-peel' technique), and shown Annette's amazing concertina fabric books - each one of six pages filled with themed images and words and then embellished with stitching by hand and machine, snippets of this and that, little hand-made picture frames and pockets .....  One day was not enough! But we also completed a little box to house the book - just think of a library of these arranged on a shelf, ready to take down and read remembrances of travels or gardens or history.

I wrote this whilst eating lunch during the workshop, sitting outside in the hot sunshine

Now I have to practise - now I have to complete my own first book, which was to have been a herbal but instead became (or will become) one of celebrating 'summer days' which fell into my head only a few days before the workshop.

this became the theme for my first concertina book

Best of all, I now know how to transfer the images of all the musical stone angels I photographed in Tewkesbury Abbey a while back ready for the fabric book I planned on 'Heaven & Earth'.

one of the Tewkesbury Abbey angels I photographed last September, awaiting the technique to be able to transfer her (or was it him?) into a fabric book

I am supposed to be weeding the vegetable plot today; I think I will play instead! And thankyou, Annette,  for such an inspiring day.


  1. Thank you so much Ann!I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the day, I did too, it was great to meet you at last!
    Hope you will post a picture of the finished book. . . .

  2. Well here I am after reading your Somerset blog Ann - Sounds like you had a great day here - and very deserved too! Enjoy your sneaking off to play wild child!

  3. So glad I found your blog to follow. I stitch, draw,paint and garden here in France. I am now trying to fathom out how to make a journal. I wish, how I wish, I could go to a workshop, maybe one day. I llok forward to seeing your finished book.