Monday, 9 March 2009

Little Journals - progress

My life is one continual juggling act; a jigsaw of so many things - sometimes everything runs smoothly, oftentimes it does not. I am trying right now to organise a different structure to this blog - to see if I can post between photos which should make what I want to say easier to follow. If it works, it is thanks to two kind fellow-bloggers who have told me how to do this.

So this latest life-jigsaw did not quite slot together as I had planned: I wrote last post of the serendipity moment when it was suggested I made some sample hand-made journals. My notes showed progress as of the end of February, but I had no pics taken. If you can think back that far, you will recall I had determined the structure, and that the booklets would comprise hand-painted papers and paper-bags (using my credit-card technique with acrylic paint) plus napkin embellishments, and then I decided to add coordinating scrapbook papers. The photo above shows the papers and napkins assembled for the first booklet.

So far so good; I spent three days experimenting - and though the samples are not yet finished, I have six (each of eighteen sides, measuring 6" x 6") now ready for embellishments and covers, and am posting progress before another long gap whilst work intervenes, lest readers should think I only write about what I never finish! The above photo shows the pages for the first booklets with napkins chosen for embellishments, and a print of the cover photo and title. This booklet title is 'Vegetable Heaven'. Next I made a collage of dictionary pages, which I scanned - be warned, ensure the glue is fully dry before scanning; mine stuck to the scanner glass! - and then manipulated in Photoshop to select a small panel that will be stitched to the booklet's fabric back-cover, once I have transferred it to fabric. Why dictionary pages? Because journals are about words as much as visual images. See photo below of the little word panel which will measure 3" x 3". It will be printed on Epson Cool Peel and ironed onto lawn or muslin, as will the front-cover picture and title panels. 

Each of my three intensive art-play days ended with my usual note-making - four pages are shown below, in pairs, which follow on from my last posting which showed the first pair. Without my notes I cannot remember what I planned to do. Any of the pics, or scans of my notes, can be seen in more detail by double-clicking on the image. Thankyou to Pat-aka-Posh and Sukipoet for helping me with instructions for posting words mixed with photos. I am so very grateful. You can see it worked.

I will post further progress as it transpires; I have a backlog of writing for the rest of the week, and another exhibition to attend, but at least I started this morning by painting the final inside pages for the sixth book.