Thursday, 1 October 2009

To the Hills! (Malvern-2)

Landscapes never fail to captivate me, yet all I can do is try to capture them in words; the wrong side of the brain is dominant. But I always feel this incredible sense of wonder and anticipation whenever we leave for Malvern (not so much the town but the Showground of the 'Three Counties Agricultural Society', and the various events we attend in connection with magazine commissions).

I look to catch the first glimpse of the far hills as we descend Broadway Hill - sometimes you cannot see them at all in the murk or mist, at other times you can see beyond them, into Wales. A long line; such distinct shapes, with all the colours merged into one; they disappear from view for a while, and then re-appear ever closer, as if painted in oils. Close up - almost there as we run along below their magnificent upstanding - every shade and nuance becomes clear. Photographs do not do them justice; the light is forever changing, within the day and throughout the seasons.

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More to add to the pocket pages, words and images, and much else, about which I will post on my other blog in due course.


  1. Beautiful words. I visited the Cotswolds and Wales etc. a few years ago and it is beautiful. You have a way of taking me back there.

  2. Beautiful country!!
    The rug I made was just single crochet stitches using two stands of yarn.

  3. You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog. I hope you check it out.

  4. Lovely descriptive observational poem there Ann, full of glorious colour.Why don't you join us on The Poetry Bus ? We set a task every tues (sometimes wed) to write a poem from some prompt then everyone posts there poem on their blog on Monday and drops a cooment onto my blog so I can put links to all the poems.All the details for the next exercise (a 2 week one this time) are here...

    Or, if you can't find the film there is an alternative here...

    Best wishes,

  5. Thankyou everyone above who has left me comment and also for the award, So glad you all enjoyed my post.

    Yvonne - sorry for the delay in actioning; it's been a hectic week. Thanks too, TFE, for inviting me to join The Potrey Bus - I will acion that also. Ann.