Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Journaling a Wild Harvest (Malvern-1)

cotoneaster berries

Now home from the RHS Malvern Autumn Show and its celebration of food, plants, harvest and 'the good life', my pocket page colours (shown in my last journaling post) are perfect for recording all that we saw and did - over one hundred photos to analyse, from factual to pure whimsy, and words running into thousands. Our visit started as all do with 'the journey'. I like to capture the anticipitation as we leave home, and the feeling of impending excitement as we near the showground. Whilst I manipulate words and juggle images for magazine features and my other blog, which will take me the rest of the working week, here are my first notes scribbled into my travel notebook. The photos were all taken at the show, in the harvest pavilion.

crab apples

rowan (mountain ash)

All this, and more, will be added to the pocket-page journal. There just isn't time whilst we are away to play 'on the spot'; but come the late autumn, sitting by the fire will be time enough.


  1. beautiful berries and crab apples. i always wondered what rowan looked like.

  2. I look forward to seeing you work on your pocket page journal. I am making three, one for each of my grandchildren and me.

  3. Hi Ann, good to meet you. Your blogs look amazing, I shall have to take time to return to read previous posts.

  4. I look forward to see your pocket pages. Your words are beautiful and the colors jump out at me. Rowan is new to me plus a few others.