Wednesday, 16 September 2009


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Despite a hectic work schedule, an article that 'wouldn't come right' (though it has now) and working on my revamped website, I pulled out one of my project bags last night, determined to add just one element to one of the pocket-page journals. A napkin-tissue motif perhaps? But before positioning the bright white daisy, I had to decide what words would also appear on the page. I dove into the bag looking for the words that I knew I had written at the time I planned the journal content.

Oops! When allocating materials to the project bags about which I blogged last post, I quite forgot about the words which MAY be on snippets of paper but more usually in one of my black, leather-covered notebooks. I had also forgotten that these notebooks also contained many ideas and a record of experiments with paper, fabric and paint, as do my working experimental art-books. So now I have to catalogue all my notebook entries, and allocate copies of them to the relevant project bag, with a second copy filed in an overall 'master catalogue'.

An odd way of working, but I can only equate it to the method I used for years when producing layouts for the magazines I edited. You needed to assess the whole picture and know what was to fall where and on which pages. Working page by page without all the relevant elements (text, photos, advertisements and infill material) always resulted in an un-cordinated jumble, a magazine lacking any thread of story or continuity; no storyline. A habit of a lifetime is hard to break, hence all this preparation: project bags and catalogued notes.

Earlier posts will demonstrate that at times I do actually manage to complete a 'piece of art'. But for the moment I am stuck in a rut and the creative spirit has deserted me, though cataloguing hasn't.** As to the bright pink notebook (called 'blossom'), that catalogues ongoing work and ideas for my revamped website, about which I wrote last week in my 'wild somerset child' blog. I don't know quite what I have taken upon myself, but it keeps me out of mischief!

** Oh bliss - it hasn't! This is an update: three hours after posting the above, I have a flash of inspiration for a paper/fabric book that has been at the back of my mind for a while now. And then, after reading a couple of posts from fellow bloggers (Jude of 'Spirit Cloth' and Lynne Hoppe), everything begins to fall into place. Their blogs have sparked ideas; not copying, but leaping off at a tangent. (I know I should put links to these two gifted artists/bloggers and I will, but I have sneaked up to my office and the supper is burning !!)


  1. Now I'm excited to see what you will do.

  2. Anne, thanks for visiting, I do find it very difficult to keep up with the blog and especially readig others.let alone making comments.
    Re the blanket I have sent 3 and I will have a bit of a rest for a bit I will let you now if I do more
    I a busy doing 'your thing' of making books I want to make one for each member of my art class. I find it so much easier to make things for other people...but I paint for mysef..I guess I FEEL A ITTLE LESS COnfident there, terrible typing sorry!

  3. oh, ann, i love it!! this going off on a tangent inspired by others! jude will often do that for me - i will leave her place with a new spark. i know you'll be tremendously inspired by the muslin... there's something about it.

    i'll be following along...


  4. Hi Ann.
    Thank you for visiting me with some inspiring ideas on All things English I am going to ask the audience a lot more for advice I love the answers!
    Take Care Susanxx

  5. Thank you for visiting, I love to hear from other people who create journals. I find it an addictive pastime. You live in a lovely part of the world.