Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Projects on hold

three of my project bags

I cannot believe that it is all but two months since I wrote a journaling post; but after the trauma of the last eight weeks, I am not surprised that my creative spirit has suffered and my mind has been on other things (explained in my Wild Somerset Child blog).

I have hardly been online for pleasure, let alone painted or stitched; no collage, no napkin motif snipping, no painting or stitching and barely any personal writing. I have missed my blogging friends and acquaintances - but most of all the inspirational art I find in other people's blogs that adds such joy to a hectic day.

It is curious how worry can so stem the creative flow, but that is how it has been. I felt I was through the worst when I crept up to the roof space over this last weekend and 'organised' my projects, all of which can be classified as 'in progress' and in need of action and some loving attention. There are so many of them ... waiting. I have a strange filing system, the same for both creative work and my professional articles: I use canvas/jute shopping bags to hold supplies and research books and materials. They are easy to carry around if needed from roof-top workroom to office to basement art table. It's easy to list the contents on a luggage label and much easier to carry them down the steep, narrow loft stairs.

So each bag holds all I need (well almost) and to save duplication of adhesives or pens, threads or paints, I make a note of anything I remove so that when I return to a project, maybe a year later (!!!), I will know exactly what I was using at the time I stopped work.

Right now, I am finding it doubly hard to pick up the threads again, but will go crazy if I don't attempt something creative, even if it is only tearing up fabric or painting more paper bags for additional pocket-page journals.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of the local magazine.
    My husband lost his job at the beginning of the year and we went through such a worrying time.
    I found I had to stitch as it helped my stress levels.
    Luckily he has since found a job.
    You may find once you get started that you will not be able to stop!

  2. I love your bagging idea.. I need to start doing that myself because too many times I have to run all over the house to gather the needed items for a project because I had removed something or other from the basket and misplaced it.
    Sorry about the job lose but glad it seems to be working out for you guys.

  3. I've been checking each day for a new post from you and I've also been collecting large paper bags. I have decided to make two pocket-page journals for my grandchildren and so wanted to see more of your work. Hope your worries fade away so that your creative flow will return!

  4. Thankyou for your comments - I really should have replied individually but work, and activities associated with it, has been manic, and I have been ill. Hopefully my creative spirit will re-emerge soon, and I will have time for more postings. Ann.

  5. Worry lead to my source of income, the more I worried about feeding children and keeping the roof over our heads the more I sewed ,the more I sewed the more the work came in. I still find today 20 years later keeping hands busy quells anxiety.
    Keep on with good intention it'll come good

  6. I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I found yours... I can't wait to have time to look some more and read. I love your handmade books. Sorry for your bad time.