Monday, 25 May 2009

Pocket Pages and Napkins

Kristin's blank pocket page journal, as mailed to her in Italy

Slathering paint and stitching is as therapeutic for me as gardening (about which I wrote in my other blog this last weekend); and I could do with a little gentle therapy just now - it's a long story which will reveal itself as the days pass, in other posts. My painted paperbag journal is at standstill for the moment, but when I made the delicious spring-green pages for my own project, I made two others for dear friends, in colours to suit their journeyings.

The first was mailed to Italy, where my South Carolina guiding spirit, Kristin Steiner, was busily engaged on the 'Adventures in Italy' creative enterprise she runs twice a year with her husband, Bill. More about that to come, but Kristi's pocket-page paperbag journal was actually a crib of a design she sent me last year, though I adapted it until it was quite different to the original. I chose Orvieto colours, as I supposed them to be, and napkins for her to decorate her pages, for I know she journals every day.

the cover of Kristin's pocket page journal, all ready for her to personalise

The second pocket page booklet was sent to Helen (Cocoa and Blankets) in what I thought would be Venetian colours, because I had read her post about her visit to Venice. Helen's pockets also held napkins to do with as she wished (taking tea or to decorate her pages). Imagine how thrilled I was yesterday morning to read her post and see how she had used them. Her pages looked gorgeous - do take a look at her Sunday post (24th May: scroll down past her other beautiful creations until you reach the pages). She is way ahead of me for none of my napkins have yet been pasted onto my own pages.

Helen's blank pocket page journal, as mailed; she has now customised every page with motifs from the napkins I included for her

I had better hurry with entries in mine, before I lose all my journaling notes and colour-memories; for spring sap-green will soon give way to summer gold and I will need to make more pages to accompany me on my next visit to Malvern, to the 'Three Counties Show': farming and the countryside, and back to the hills.


  1. Dear Ann, every time I go in my very very neat and tidy sewing room I loook at my pocket journal on my bureau and I smile...I love it sooooooooooooo much and I have already found it o useful for all my bits and pieces...its wonderful...thank you agian

  2. Wow, These are really cool. Really well made and pretty.

  3. You always make such lovely journals.. I really do need to try my hand at it.

  4. Helen, I am so glad you love it - for you have brought so much into my life, remembering where I used to live, not far from you; Chris - there is something very therapeutic about making these - from slathering paint to stitching around the pages (glad you like them); and Pat aka Posh; let me know if you need instructions as to the folding - they don't take all that long, allowing for time for the paint to dry overnight. Ann.

  5. I would love to make a pocket journal for my granddaughter to take on her trip to Colorado. Would you mind sharing the folding and assembly instructions?

  6. Ann - I found your instructions for the paper bag pocket page journal. Should have looked before I asked. Thank you for sharing. Peggy.

  7. Oh boy! I feel like I just found a silver dollar on the street. Your generous blog is wonderful and full of inspiration. I've spent quite a while here mulling around, and I will be back . . . often.

  8. I love your work !!Love from the Netherlands , Rini

  9. I love it --the journal, I mean. I am intrigued by your bag filing system for projects, too. I have way too many things going on at once in my head and could use a good organizer like your bags system. So far, I have heaps of fabric things and shoe boxes of photos to scrapbook...
    Where do you find the printed napkins; are they collected at tea rooms, or do you buy packages of them?