Thursday, 2 April 2009

Booklets & Journals: a sea change

The booklet-journals I wrote about in my last two posts - the first over a month ago!- have gone through a sea-change since my first thoughts on why I should or would produce them. Three are finished and will appear next month in 'Organic Garden & Home'. Originally, I was asked to make some samples that might sell in a local gift shop, and that was when I started on the process of putting something together. But then a last-minute commission for an article on making a garden journal - for beginners - had me scrambling to complete the samples and write instructions.

And that is when everything changed. For as I worked towards my deadline, I realised that a) I did not particularly want to spend all my spare time making booklets en masse to sell (if they were acceptable to the gift shop), and I couldn't imagine that anyone would want to buy them anyway, and b) the things I really like making would be too complicated to explain for beginners in one short article. So I decided to adapt and complete two of the initial booklets and make a third very simple one without embellishments.

So instead of the painted pages and framed 'text' pages I had originally planned, I took sheets of scrapbooking paper/card and cut and folded those, plus plain card to interleave between the patterned sheets. I cut and folded, punched and eyeletted, and then strung the pages together with cord. This would be quick, simple and inexpensive, and easily explained.

My idea was that the patterned pages would form a background onto which journaling photos could be pasted whilst the blank card would give space for notes or journaling. With the eyeletted binding, extra pages could be easily added. In the sample I made, I added a name tag, and some horn beads to the cord binding.

I then turned back to my original idea and created the pages from painted paper bags and water-colour paper, and added paper napkin motifs for embellishment. This was step two, intended for those magazine readers who wanted to progress beyond scrapbook papers. I added stamping and embellishments to the cover of this second book, and horn beads again.

But what I really wanted to do was to incorporate pockets and transferred images, and I worked on those for the Garden Journal, and for the third booklet 'Vegetable Heaven' (see first pic, left hand photo, click on it to view it at enlarged size). I took numerous progress shots whilst I was making the booklets and also 'how-to-do-this' photos, and will outline some of these other stages in another post.


  1. I like your booklet journals, especially with their garden themes, and the great photographs that illustrate their construction. Looking forward to seeing more on them.

  2. I love every one of them.. I never thought I'd want to make any journals but after seeing your's I'm tempted.

  3. This is a great idea, I never before saw the value of the eyelets.

  4. Oh, these books are simply delightful. Yes, yes, I think they would truly sell in a New York minute. So much thought and heartfelt creativity. Love them.

  5. You are so creative! I love it and only wish I could find the time to put my hands to good use as you are:)