Sunday, 8 February 2009

Starting young

In my other blog I said I wanted to share our special day (8th Feb, our wedding anniversary). I also said I would like to share the very special visual storybook one of our grand-daughters wrote and made for us a year ago, to celebrate our Golden Wedding. I thought journalers might like to share the pages: Kate, then aged just nine, devised the story and wrote it, and drew all the miniature illustrations, then bound all the pages into a handmade cover. I asked her how she planned it all, and she showed me the storyboard she had created, just the same  way as many professionals work. I also discovered that there is to be a sequel to this little book. The pages measure approx 5" x 5", the text is written in pencil and the drawings use coloured pencils. (I am afraid my scans do not do justice to the delicacy of the work, but double-clicking on any illustration will enlarge the image.)

There are more pages, but my blog will not allow me to upload more than five pics at a time, so I will post the others in another blog in a few minutes, so you can read the whole story. It os really sweet.

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  1. This is adorable and so inventive. To be born as a musical note! What a lovely gift. Your granddaughter is a dear.