Thursday, 5 February 2009

Poetry Photocard Journaling

The current theme for a while up here in the northern hemisphere has been snow - so many of us finding such deep and immense beauty in what we see when the world turns white (and blue and smokey-grey and all those other delicately subdued colours that are reflected in the powdery whiteness).

These moments often spark poems in my mind, and one way I have of journaling them is to take a photograph of the image that inspired the poem, and then manipulate it in Photoshop, and then layer the text of the poem over it. I print these 'photocards' onto 6" x 4" stiff matte art-photopaper, ready to bind together when I have enough to make a whole book. Initially, you have to work quickly; no labouring over the words, for the image has to be snapped immediately, before the light changes, allowing for the fact it will have text overlaid.

Above are three 'snow-induced' pages, all from last year, though I only made the cards quite recently when I discovered how to layer text over photos. I apologise for the fact that you will see the chestnut tree so often in my blogs. It stands opposite our bedroom window and is the first thing I see upon waking each morning as I lay in bed. Please click on the images if you would like to view them at a larger size.


  1. Lovely poems that reflect the quiet of snow. I like your idea of making post cards with photo and poem. I'm thinking I need to get photoshop.

  2. Suki, thankyou. I use 'Photoshop Elements' which is sufficiently basic for my needs and reasonably easy to understand. My husband and son use the full professional version as they are doing sophisticated stuff - magazine layouts and the like - far too advanced for me. Ann.