Friday, 6 February 2009

More uses for table napkins

I have spent the last two days working on a short instructional article on fabricating decorative easter eggs using motifs from paper table napkins. All you need are some polystyrene eggs and some pva adhesive, and good-quality 3-ply table napkins. The pic above shows a selection of those I have been making, just before their final coats of 'varnish' (neat pva). The eggs make a lovely gift for those who do not like chocolate (or can't eat it) when presented in a basket with a little posy of flowers; or they are great fun for a children's easter egg hunt.

The article will appear at the end of March (April issue) in 'Organic Garden & Home': a UK publication but available on subscription. If anyone wants more detailed instructions than will appear in the 500 words I was commissioned to write, then please ask and I will put something together a little nearer the time, and will include some step-by-step photos. 

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  1. A beautiful bouquet! A spring feeling bouquet of Easter eggs. I'm sure each one is lovely, but how wonderful they are all grouped together. Your readers are sure to love this project.