Sunday, 8 February 2009

Final 'starting young' story pages

I didn't think this through! For this posting to make sense, you will need to read the two other posts from today - there are three in all. Begin with the post headed 'Starting Young'.

And here are the final pages from the little gift our nine-year old grand-daughter made for us last year, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. The final (photo) is of Kate, enjoying a piece of flapjack, in the room that was 'created' especially for the Golden Wedding celebrations. That in itself was a labour of love on the part of our daughter and son-on-law, for the house was a partly-built shell, transformed for one night only into a magical venue for a family gathering.

I do hope you have enjoyed Kate's story as much as we did; all entirely her own work, from concept to completion. 


  1. this is truly wonderful - what a creative and talented grand daughter you have Ann - and what a lovely present for you to treasure - thank you for sharing it

  2. Kate is so inventive and talented, I agree. This was a lovely gift, so personal. Handmade gifts are the best. Had no trouble reading "backwards" timewise. Congrats again on your long marriage.

  3. What a great site and how wonderful to see the excitement when Kate does something like know she will be OK.