Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Collage for a Composer: 'two-hundred-and-fifty-three years young'

On this day, 253 years ago, the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the beautiful city of Salzburg. We are listening to his Clarinet Quintet as I write. Three years ago, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth, I was inspired by that occasion to create my first mixed-media collage, 'Mr Mozart'. Very experimental, lacking suitable materials, and it had to be completed in a hurry.

For our daughter had invited us to a Mozartian evening with her husband and their three children. We were to eat Austrian food which Kate, Dominic and little Lara (then aged 7, 4 and not quite 2) helped to prepare. CDs of Mozart's music would accompany the meal, and we would share readings from his letters. What could I bring? With only one day's notice, the paint and glue were hardly dry! The panel measures approximately 24"x12", has a base of heavy card and now hangs in the children's bedroom. 

You could say it is a visual journal of sorts, for it includes cuttings and magazine scraps, a word-recognition game, the covers of two Mozart scores (one with my husband's musical notation exercise scribbled on the front!) and a sort-of-painting of mine, representative of the Austrian mountains outside Salzburg to which I was introduced by my daughter not that long ago.

Double-click on the picture to view it in more detail.


  1. I can almost HEAR music coming from your collage! It is interesting to note how graphic your words in bold print are...how they lead the eye to search out every corner of your piece. Yum.

  2. What an interesting piece. It is good to hear that it hangs in your grandchildren's home. That must make you feel honored - and satisfied.