Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Poetry Moment - for all Americans who believe

Here is my 'poetry moment' that happened this morning - a day I wanted to record because it will I am sure remain in all our memories, no matter where we live in this world. It is written for anyone who believes in hope, determination and perseverance.

First, lest you should think I take credit for the beautiful 'booklace'  (above) into which it will be copied: that was a gift given to me by my dear friend Kristi (Kristin Steiner of South Carolina) when she came to stay with us after teaching at the Oxford Summer School in the UK last summer. To learn more about Kristi's booklaces, click onto her website and look under 'Altered Arts and Creativity Workshops'. 

Now for the poem that happened this morning, scribbled initially on a bit of paper (above). Maybe it is impertinent of me to dedicate this in the way I have, but truly, it is what I feel.

Crow Morning

The rooks
leave their roost
and fly over
our slice of sky
Dark against the blue
In twos and threes
so early on this
Obama morning
What is their journey 
- and his?

asm 20.01.2009


  1. the poem really takes me into the 'now' of whats happening around me today! Thank you Ann

  2. Yes, it truly IS an "Obama morning", and what a wonderful thing for you to compose a poem about it!

  3. I am so thrilled to think of your beautiful poems finding a home in my little booklace. Your words hint at the vast future,unknown. Yet what hope and unity we felt to our very core in the amazing pagentry of yesterday. Thank you for being a part of it, Ann. k

  4. yes!
    What is next, is my thoughts too.
    His rhetoric has borrowed so much cadence from Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, and allusions of his self to Lincoln; I believe in Hope but so much of his "hope" is a grand advertising campaign...

    Still, I loved his speech; and those who spoke after. Lets see. (its really quite a mess and a victory too).

  5. Well it's a lot more exciting than what is happening over here in the UK! Good luck - and happy creating.

  6. This is sooo beautiful. Interestingly enough, crows returned to my neighborhood the morning of the inauguration and so his speech, at my house, was punctuated by caws. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you. Beautifully written, it was an Obama morning. I so appreciate your process of writing a poem when it is time...no staring at a blank page...truly inspired. I will visit often.

  8. Leau and Blue Sky Dreaming - thankyou for visiting, and for your kind words. It just felt magic to be a part of history, like when Man stood on the Moon for the first time; occasions to remember and to record; that special moment, that once-in-a-lifetime day. Ann